Stress Management & Relaxation Programmes

A wide range of quality and diverse sessions on health and wellbeing are available to you and your team or group. Our aim is to work together with you to establish your needs and deliver the appropriate programme from a selection of the following course options:

  • Stress and Pain Management
  • Relaxation and Meditation Techniques
  • Holistic lifestyle techniques to maintain and improve health and wellbeing
  • Positive Thinking and overcoming self limiting beliefs
  • Listening Skills and Team Building
  • Manifestation and achieving your dreams
  • Sensory stimulation with Aromatherapy
  • Self Healing Techniques
  • Personal and Spiritual Development
  • An Introduction to Shamansim

The annual Attendance Management Survey carried out in 2010 by the CIPD (in partnership with Simply Health) has found that 22% of organisations have increased their wellbeing spend this year; proving that it has a positive effect on rates of absence.

Other research carried out by the CIPD shows that absenteeism is costing UK employers an average of £692 per employee per year. Taking steps to combat elevated stress levels and improve self-worth is shown to decrease absence levels and that is exactly what Victoria does. She says, "individuals have reported feeling calmer and happier after my foundation course on wellbeing and relaxation. One individual even felt strong enough to come off anti-depressants after years of use."

As well as corporate workshops Victoria is also offering a range of Wellbeing and Relaxation programmes, including a course in Personal Development through Shamanism in January 2011.They will be held in venues around the region and anyone who wishes to attend or would like more information can register their details with Victoria.

Please contact Victoria Clark to organise a FREE consultation to see how the needs of your group can be met!